1854. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 15 January [1811]

1854. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 15 January [1811] ⁠* 

Friday. Jany. 15.

Rocha Pitta [1]  I hope has reached you – I sent with it some of your papers which you may probably like to have at hand.

I have just procured from an Edinburgh Catalogue a book containing three treatises upon the Inquisition, which are said in the title page to have been presented to Innocent XI by Vieyra. [2]  The title says Juntos por hum Anoncino. Em Veneza com Licenza do Santo Officio, na officina de Joaõ Moretin. 1750. & on the back of the title is [MS missing] singular apology for typographical errors, saying that the printers did not understand [MS missing] of Portuguese, & the Editor who spoke it very badly could not correct their [MS missing] such blunders perhaps you never saw in any other work. I have no doubt [MS missing] is English printing. – the preface is manifestly by a Jew, [MS missing] & the tracks, as far as I have yet read, bear no marks whatever of el mismissimo Vieyra en su mesma mesmedad, as he is called in Fr. Gerundio [3]  – I will endeavour by means of D’Israeli, who is of the synagogue, to find out who was the editor of this curious, but app[MS missing] very useless publication, – for by whom was it to be read!

Have you that Relations of Madagascar Brazil &c [4]  which I see you have read? I sent for it from a catalogue unsuccesfully some twelvemonths ago. Dellon the author of the Rel. de L Inquisicion de Goa [5]  was at both places about half a century afterwards. I have his travels, [6]  & they are some of the best in the French language, & will be very useful in the Hist. of P. Asia.

This chart would have come sooner – but poor Tom could neither stand nor sit to finish it. – The Mauritias [7]  has no plates but what are in Barlaeus [8]  & only such of them as fitted the subject of the poem, – but they are earlier impressions (tho both books are the same date,) – for two or three of the plates are unfinished.



* Address: To / The Revd Herbert Hill / with Wm Burn Esqr / Saville Row
Postmark: [partial] 4 o’Clock / 18 JA
Endorsement: 1811
MS: Keswick Museum and Art Gallery. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Sebastião da Rocha Pitta (1660–1738), Historia da América Portugeza, desde o anno 1500 ate o de 1724 (1730); Southey’s copy was no. 3624 in the sale catalogue of his library. BACK

[2] Antonio Vieira (1608–1697), Relaçaõ Exactissima de Procedimento das Inquiziçõis de Portugal. Presentada a o Papa Ignocencio XI (1750); Southey’s copy was no. 3677 in the sale catalogue of his library. Innocent XI (1611–1689) was Pope 1676–1689. BACK

[3] . Jose Francisco de Isla y Rojo (1703–1781), Historio del Famoso Predicador Fray Gerundio de Campaza, alias Zotes (Madrid, 1758), p. 190; ‘the great Vieyra himself, in his very identical identity’. Southey’s cites the fictional Gerundio as a by-word for a user of convoluted and ultimately nonsensical language. BACK

[4] Claude-Barthélemy Morisot (1592–1661), Relations Veritables et Curieuses de l’Isle de Madagascar et du Bresil (1651); Southey later acquired a copy, no. 2363 in the sale catalogue of his library. BACK

[5] The doctor, traveller and writer Charles Dellon (1650–1710), Relation de l’Inquisition de Goa (1687); Southey acquired an edition of 1688, no. 2425 in the sale catalogue of his library. BACK

[6] Relation d’un Voyages des Indes Orientales (1685) and Nouvelle Relation d’un Voyages fair aux Indes Orientales (1699); Southey owned a three-volume edition of 1709, no. 814 in the sale catalogue of his library. BACK

[7] Franciscus Plante (1613–1690), Mauritias (1647), no. 2159 in the sale catalogue of Southey’s library. BACK

[8] Caspar Barlaeus (1584–1648), Rerum per octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestarum sub praefectura (1647), no. 233 in the sale catalogue of Southey’s library. BACK

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