3109. Robert Southey to [Benjamin Robert Haydon], 3 April 1818

3109. Robert Southey to [Benjamin Robert Haydon], 3 April 1818⁠* 

Keswick. 3 April 1818

My dear Sir

Your packet is safe. You have made me see the subject clearly & feel it strongly. What I can do shall be done without delay, – tho probably not in time for the number of the Review now printing, for that I believe will speedily be published. But I will lose no time, & endeavour to lose as little as possible of the life & spirit of your pleading. [1]  I thank you for what you have told me of yourself; – it is in such things that true heroism is displayed, & how much of this is there in the world, of which the world knows nothing!

God bless you my dear Sir & may you live to reap the rich rewards of that fame which you have so amply deserved

[signature missing]


* Endorsement: Southey – I gave the autograph to Lady Graham Nov. 29. 18xx
MS: Houghton Library, fMS Eng 1331 (11). AL: 1p.
Previously published: Benjamin Robert Haydon: Correspondence and Table-Talk. With a Memoir by his son Frederick Wordsworth Haydon, 2 vols (London, 1876), I, pp. 331–332. BACK

[1] Southey was to promote, in Quarterly Review, 23 (July 1820), 549–591, Haydon’s New Churches, Considered with Respect to the Opportunities they Offer for the Encouragement of Painting (1818). BACK

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