3013. Robert Southey to John Rickman, [15 August 1817]

3013. Robert Southey to John Rickman, [15 August 1817]⁠* 

My dear R.

A Westminster school fellow of mine, who stands in need of temporary employment, has applied to me, soliciting work, if it can be had, at the Indices xxx xx or any such matter, appertaining to either House of Parliament: being as he supposes well qualified by some legal knowledge, & long habits of business. – You see what it is to be a great man, or a great mans friend. – His name is Beresford, [1]  – a good natured worthy fellow, who was in the same remove with me, & expected to find himself with a competence after his fathers death. [2]  The father held an office <situation> in the Stamp Office & employed B. under him, – but he died worth nothing, & B. needs some floatage of this kind, till he can commence practise as a Solicitor, for which he is preparing. – This is the plain story: in such a case I could only assure him of my good wishes, – & send you the statement, – vouching as I may do both for the character & capacity of the man.

Yrs &c


Friday morning.

Will you frank the inclosed – which is a matter of authors business – from Landor, & ought therefore to go free


* Address: To/ J Rickman Esqre
Endorsement: RS./ 1817 –/ cf W. Beresford
MS: Huntington Library, RS 320. ALS; 1p.
Dating note: A letter from Rickman to Southey, 23 August 1817, Huntington Library, makes it clear that this letter requesting help for Beresford was written on Friday 15 August 1817. BACK

[1] Charles Griffis Beresford (dates unknown), a Westminster schoolfellow of Southey’s. BACK

[2] Charles Edwards Beresford (d. 1810), Secretary to the Commissioners of His Majesty’s Stamp Duties. BACK

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