3001. Robert Southey to [Walter Savage Landor], 14 June 1817

3001. Robert Southey to [Walter Savage Landor], 14 June 1817⁠* 

On Monday I shall see you, – a pleasure to which I have looked on during my whole journey as the highest which it was to afford me. I received your letter by Cornaghi, [1]  – but not your book: [2]  – except one which was brought to England by your brother it is the only one I have received since May 1815. When that by your brother arrived I had no heart to answer it. [3]  To the other I replied instantly, – but Discacciati [4]  tells me that no letters addressed to his care has reached him.

I have two companions, – the one an artist a deformed man, with a kind heart, & a gifted hand. The other the only Cumberland Gentleman whom I have found with a love of things which deserve to be loved .. – he met with you many years ago, tho you may probably have forgotten him. Senhouse is his name. We have come over M Cenis, & are returning by the Simplon. We arrived at Milan this morning, & my first business was to enquire for you. I long to see you. My heart has been well nigh broken, – but it is not changed. I have come abroad to try what change of scene, & new images of external nature might do for me, & expect to find permanent benefit when I shall have returned, which will be as speedily as possible. [5]  On Monday afternoon we shall meet.

God bless you.

Yrs most affectionately

R Southey.

Saturday. 14 June. 1817


* MS: John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, Eng MS 341/278. ALS; 1p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The firm of printsellers and art dealers at Cockspur St, Charing Cross, headed by Paul Colnaghi (1751–1833; DNB). BACK

[2] Landor’s Idyllia Nova Quinque Heroum atque Herodium (1815). BACK

[3] The letter had arrived in June 1816, shortly after Herbert Southey’s death on 17 April 1816. BACK

[4] Discacciati (dates unknown) showed Southey around the city on his visit to Milan in June 1817 and arranged the transport and insurance of the books he bought. He also attempted to arrange contact with Landor. BACK

[5] possible: final ‘e’ written over ‘y’. BACK

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