2975. Robert Southey to John Rickman, 11 April 1817

2975. Robert Southey to John Rickman, 11 April 1817 ⁠* 

My dear R.

Will you send the inclosed for me to a printsellers near Charing Cross, whose name as well as I can make it out in Landors writing xx is Colnaghi. [1] 

The first proofs of my tender Epistle [2]  arrived this evening. I shall not send them back till the conclusion comes, & they shall not be struck off without Turners imprimatur. I shall take away the roughness in some places for the purpose of leaving a finer edge. Let him pity himself, – it is fit that he should – Quisque suæ fortunæ Faber, [3] – it is his own doing.

I leave home on Monday, & mount the mail for London, from my brothers [4]  on Tuesday 22d. We leave London, if Nash should be ready, on the 1st of May. Remember me to Mrs R & forget not that I shall return in July to receive you as soon as you are set free.

God bless you


Keswick 11 April. 1817.


* Address: To/ John Rickman Esqre/ St Stephens Court/ New Palace Yard/ Westminster
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
Postmark: FREE/ 15 AP 15/ 1817
Endorsement: RS./ 31 April 1817
MS: Huntington Library, RS 318. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The firm of printsellers and art dealers at Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, headed by Paul Colnaghi (1751–1833; DNB). They helped arrange the transport of the books Southey bought in Milan in 1817. BACK

[2] A Letter to William Smith, Esq., M.P. (1817). BACK

[3] ‘Every man is the architect of his own fortune’; from a speech of 279 BC by the Roman politician Appius Claudius Caecus (c. 340–273 BC). BACK

[4] At Warcop, near Brough. Southey was leaving for his continental tour of May-August 1817. BACK

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