The Sceptic: A Hemans-Byron Dialogue

The Sceptic, Edited by Nanora Sweet and Barbara Taylor

Table of Contents

    Based upon the facsimile of the 1820 edition, with commentary highlighting the textual and ideological links between Hemans and Byron.

    Nanora Sweet takes the reader step by step through the poem's contents and describes its form.

    Analysis of the poem's literary and philosophical contexts, with copies of the contemporary reviews and the letters from both Hemans and Byron that are referred to throughout the site.

    Three original essays exploring the interactions between the gender of the poet and the genre of her poem and how these affect the poem's reception, both upon its publication in 1820, and among critics now.

    Portraits and photographs relating to The Sceptic.

    Primary, secondary, and Web sources.

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January 2004

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