1.        ** In a Postscript to a Friend, the Author writes thus: "I forgot to request my good Friend to tell Mr. Hanway, that in one of my little melancholy Poems, written in this dreary Place, I have made such mention of him as I think his attention to the Improvement of Jails demands:--That I earnestly press him as a Christian and a Man, to pursue that Improvement with Zeal:--That much, very much is to be done:--And that while the state of Prisons remains as it is, the Legislature has some reason to charge itself with the greater part of the Robberies, &c. committed. For the Offenders for petty crimes are here hardened in almost every species of Vice; and turned out, necessary Plunderers of the Publick, from the depravity of their unaltered disposition, and the deficiency of proper employment. I have felt much on this subject since I have been here; and expressed something of it in the Poem, Week the Third." See page [40, 43], &c.