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About This Edition

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The Editor

Judith Pascoe teaches at the University of Iowa. She is the author of Romantic Theatricality: Gender, Poetry, and Spectatorship (Cornell 1997), and the editor of Mary Robinson: Selected Poems (Broadview 2000). She has recently completed a book-length study of romantic era collectors.

The Text and Images

The texts of the twelve poems of The Oceanides are taken from the Athenaeum where they were published in sequence on the followed dates: 29 December 1832, 12 January 1833, 13 April 1833, 20 April 1833, 27 April 1833, 4 May 1833, 11 May 1833, 21 September 1833, 12 October 1833, 26 October 1833, 30 November 1833, 28 December 1833.

The portrait of Maria Jane Jewsbury is taken from the Christian Keepsake and Missionary Annual for 1838. The ship image, whose attribution is unknown, depicts the "True Briton," an East Indiaman.

The Design and Markup of the Edition

The text for this edition was prepared by Wesley Kisting. This hypertext edition was designed and marked up by Lisa Antonille Rhody at the University of Maryland. Mariah Steele and Eun-Jung Yook sought out information for the Jewsbury chronology and for the poem annotations. Kate Singer carried out substantial revision of the edition, implementing many last minute corrections of text and format. Making extensive use of tables and style sheets for layout and presentation, it will work best when viewed with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator versions 5.0 and 4.7, respectively, and higher. Aside from two deviations from the standard, the HTML markup is HTML 4.01/Transitional compliant, as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium.