List of Plates: Transcription

List of the Plates: Transcription

                           LIST OF THE PLATES.

     SUBJECTS.                PAINTERS.          ENGRAVERS.
Frontispiece, Mrs. Peel   SIR T. LAWRENCE        Chas. Heath
Vignette Title-page       H. HOWARD, R.A.        Ed. Portbury
Presentation Plate        H. CORBOULD            Chas. Heath
The Magic Mirror          J.M. WRIGHT            E. Portbury            33
The Country Girl          J. HOLMES              Chas. Heath            50
Lucy on the Rock          R. WESTALL, R.A.       Chas. Heath            65
The Lake of Albano        J. M. W. TURNER, R.A.  R. Wallis              80
Anne Page and Slender     H. RICHTER             Chas. Rolls           101
Duchess of Bedford        E. LANDSEER, A.R.A.    Chas. Heath           121 
The Tapestried Chamber    S. P. STEPHANOFFE      J. Goodyear           136 
Lucy and Her Bird         J. M. WRIGHT           Wm. Finden            157
Love                      S. P. STEPHANOFFE      Chas. Heath           166
Jealousy                  S. P. STEPHANOFFE      Chas. Heath           177 
The Laird's Jock          H. CORBOULD            Chas. Heath           191 
Adalinda                  ALFRED CHALON, R.A.    Chas. Heath           215 
The Lago Maggiore         J. M. W. TURNER, R.A.  W. R. Smith           238 
A Scene at Abbotsford     E. LANDSEER, A.R.A.    D. Smith              258 
The Garden of Boccacio    T. STOTHARD, R.A.      F. Engleheart         282
Clorinda                  S. P. STEPHANOFFE      Chas. Heath           344