The Collected Writings of Robert Bloomfield

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Chronology of Bloomfield’s Life

Further Reading

A Note on the Text

‘A Village Girl’ (1786)

‘An Harvest Scene’ (1786)

‘The Soldier’s Return’ (1786)

‘Elegy’ (1789)

‘On Seeing the Launch of the Boyne’ (1791)

The Farmer’s Boy (1800)

Editorial Introduction

Editions of The Farmer’s Boy

Prefaces and Appendices





‘To His Mother, with a Copy of The Farmer’s Boy’ (1800)

‘A Neighbourly Resolution’ (1800)

To Immagination (1800)

Editorial Introduction


‘To General Loyd. The Humble Petition of the Old Elms at the West End of Woolwich Barracks’ (1800/1)

‘Song for a Highland Drover, returning from England’ (1801)

‘Emma’s Kid’ (1801/2)

Rural Tales, Ballads and Songs (1802)

Editorial Introduction

Editions of Rural Tales

Preface (1802)


Preface to Poems [Stereotype], Volume II

Richard and Kate; or, Fair-Day: a Suffolk Ballad

Walter and Jane: or, the Poor Blacksmith: a Country Tale

The Miller’s Maid: a Tale

The Widow to her Hour Glass: a Tale

Market-Night: a Ballad

The Fakenham Ghost: a Ballad

The French Mariner: a Ballad

Dolly: a Ballad

Lines, Occasioned by a Visit to Whittlebury Forest, Northamptonshire, in August 1800

Song for a Highland Drover Returning from England

A Word to Two Young Ladies

On hearing of the Translation of the Farmer’s Boy into Latin

Nancy: a Song

Rosy Hannah: a Song

Song: The Shepherd and his Dog Rover

Hunting Song

Lucy: a Song

Winter Song

‘Mary’s Evening Sigh’ (1801/2)

‘Song, Sung By Mr. Bloomfield at the Anniversary of Doctor Jenner’s Birth-Day, 1803’

Good Tidings; or, News from the Farm (1804)

Editorial Introduction


‘To His Wife’ (1804)

‘A First View of the Sea’ (1805)

Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry (1806)

Editorial Introduction

Abner and the Widow Jones: a Familiar Ballad

To My Old Oak Table

The Horkey: a Provincial Ballad

The Broken Crutch: a Tale

Shooter’s Hill

A Visit to Ranelagh

Love of the Country: Written at Clare-Hall, Herts. June 1804

The Woodland Hallo

Barnham Water

Mary’s Evening Sigh

Editorial Introduction to Good Tidings; or, News from the Farm

Good Tidings; or, News from the Farm

‘To a Spindle’ (1806)

‘Address to the British Channel’ (1806)

‘The Butcher’s Horse and the Bees: a Village Tragedy’ (1807)

‘News from Worthing, in a Letter from a Beast of Burden to her Brother Jack’ (1807)

Nature’s Music (1808)

Editorial Introduction


‘Five Months I Will Getting She Married’ (1808)

‘Sent to Mr. Sharp as an Apology for Not Dining With Him’ (c. 1809/10)

The Banks Of Wye (1811)

Words for James Hook, Guida Di Musica (1811)

Song [‘The man in the moon look’d down one night’] (c. 1812)

The History of Little Davy’s New Hat (1815)

Editorial Introduction


May-Day with the Muses (1822)

Editorial Introduction

The Invitation

The Drunken Father

The Forester

The Shepherd’s Dream: Or, Fairies’ Masquerade

The Soldier’s Home

Rosamond’s Song of Hope

Alfred and Jennet

‘Lines Written Hastily, While in King-Street, Margate, in August 1822, and Given to Mr. Freeman Of Minster’ (1822)

Hazelwood-Hall (1823)

Editorial Introduction


Poems from The Remains of Robert Bloomfield (1824)

Editorial Introduction and Contents

Kentish Mary: A Ballad

The Dawning of Day: A Hunting Song

On Repairing a Miniature Bust of Buonaparte for Mrs Palmer

The Maid of Dunstable

Sonnet: To Fifteen Gnats seen Dancing in the Sun-beams on Jan. 3

Good Nature

Hob’s Epitaph

The Soldier's Return

Happiness of Gleaners


The Flowers of the Mead

Fragment (‘‘Twas when the abbey rear’d its spires’)

‘Wine, beauty smiles, and social mirth’

Epitaph for a Young Lady


Irish News

Yield thee to Pleasure, Old Care

Song: Norah

Sent to a Lady who was Going to a Ball

On the Death of his Infant Son Robert

The Bird and Insects’ Post Office, from The Remains of Robert Bloomfield (1824)

Editorial Introduction


Anecdotes and Observations, Reflections and Critical Remarks, from The Remains of Robert Bloomfield (1824)

[The Author’s Epitaph]

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