Hunting Song


YE darksome Woods where Echo dwells,
Where every bud with freedom swells
To meet the glorious day:
The morning breaks; again rejoice;
And with old Ringwood’s well-known voice 5
Bid tuneful Echo play.
We come, ye Groves, ye Hills, we come:
The vagrant Fox shall hear his doom,
And dread our jovial train.
The shrill Horn sounds, the courser flies,10
While every Sportsman joyful cries,
‘There’s Ringwood’s voice again.’
Ye Meadows, hail the coming throng;
Ye peaceful Streams that wind along,
Repeat the Hark-away: 15
Far o’er the Downs, ye Gales that sweep,
The daring Oak that crowns the steep,
The roaring peal convey.
The chiming notes of chearful Hounds,
Hark! how the hollow Dale resounds; 20
The sunny Hills how gay.
But where’s the note, brave Dog, like thine?
Then urge the Steed, the chorus join,
’Tis Ringwood leads the way.