Disraeli Chronology

1804 (21 December) Born in London
1817 (31 July) Baptized at St. Andrew’s, Holborn, London
1824 Toured Belgium and Rhine Valley
1826 Toured France, Switzerland and Italy
1826-7 Published Vivian Grey
1828 Published The Voyage of Captain Popanilla
1830-1 Toured Spain, Mediterranean and the Near East
1831 Published The Young Duke
1832 Published Contarini Fleming
1832 Contested Wycombe twice unsuccessfully
1833 Published Alroy and The Rise of Iskander
1834 Contested Wycombe unsuccessfully
1834 Published a “new edition” of Alroy
1835 Contested Taunton unsuccessfully
1835 Published Vindication of the English Constitution
1836 Published Henrietta Temple
1837 Published Venetia
1837 Elected Tory MP for Maidstone
1839 Married Mary Anne, widow of Wyndham Lewis
1841 Elected Tory MP for Shrewsbury
1844 Published Coningsby
1845 Published Sybil
1846 Published another edition of Alroy, with a revised preface dated July 1845
1847 Published Tancred
1847 Elected Tory MP for Buckinghamshire (until 1876)
1848 Supported Lionel de Rothschild's right to be seated in Parliament
1852 Served as Chancellor of the Exchequer
1858-9 Served as Chancellor of the Exchequer
1866-8 Served as Chancellor of the Exchequer
1868 (February-December) Served as Prime Minister
1870 Published Lothair
1872 (16 December) Wife died
1874 (February) Elected Prime Minister
1875 Oversaw purchase of shares in the Suez Canal
1876 Created Earl of Beaconsfield
1880 (April) Defeated at General Election and resigns
1880 Published Endymion
1881 (19 April) Died in London