RC Data

RC Data gives you access to Romantic Circles' rich trove of data, and highlights new approaches to integrating Romantic studies and the digital humanities.

RC Data turns two decades of Romantic Circles into a rich resource for digital humanities work. As a part of our redesign, we're building new and exciting ways to interact with Romantic Circles, from participatory annotation, to mapping and timelines, to accessing a range of corpuses upon which to build your own scholarship. RC Data is an experimental and evolving space, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the days to come. 

Right now, you can learn more about experimenting with our data in a variety of ways. We have prepared three small examples of data-driven work out of Romantic Circles' holdings, as well as a list of example tools that our team has already started using to learn more about our trove. Click the links below to see these projects and learn more about our data!

For those interested in a deeper dive into our TEI, you can visit our GitHub repository to find the authoritative TEI records for all of our recent material. 

Praxis Corpus

The full XML-TEI for an example Praxis volume, Romanticism and the Rights of the Negative. Features each essay and attendant metadata.

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Learn more about our ongoing collaborations with the the Pittsburgh Frankenstein Project.

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Space and Place

A collection of geolocation data about the people and places in the Southey Letters.

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What about those buttons?

As you're browsing RC, you might see small buttons scattered on various pages. These buttons let you download that page's content in a ready-to-use data file!

Share your creations

Have you made something that you'd like to share with us? Do you have ideas for data-driven projects using Romantic Circles resources? Are you looking to take your data collection to the next level, and want to learn more about our APIs and batched corpus downloaders? Do you want to get in touch to learn more about our plans for RC Data, or to just learn more about how to go about doing digital humanities work? Use the contact form in the footer to get in touch with us!