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The sections below have been discontinued at Romantic Circles

Features and Events, created in 1996, was discontinued in 2004. Its content was redistributed to the RC Blog, Pedagogies, and Scholarly Resources sections.

Romantic Circles High School, funded by a three-year education development grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, was current from 1999-2002. Its content is now archived at RC Pedagogies.

Publications, created in 1996, was discontinued in 2004.

Scholarly Exchange, established in 1997, was incorporated into the Praxis Series in 1998.

Bibliographies was a major section of Romantic Circles 2003-05. The book section of Bibliographies was moved to Scholarly Resources in 2005.

The old form of the Romantic Circles Blog (in Movable Type) has been retired, though its posts have been ported into the current blog (in Wordpress).

Keats-Shelley Journal Bibliography, an electronic version of the annual bibliography of the Keats-Shelley Association of America, was housed at Romantic Circles 1994-99.

CUP @ RC, or Cambridge University Press at Romantic Circles, was published at Romantic Circles 2000-01.